"Open source software in support of distributed systems research."


DSRLab, LLC is dedicated to serving the distributed systems research community. Be you student, faculty, commercial systems developer, or enthusiast, we support your efforts through the design, development, testing, and documentation of free, open source software packages. All of our software is written for the Linux* OS, in the C programming language. We sincerely hope that these tools will benefit your cause.

We strongly believe that Linux provides the best networking environment and that C is the most appropriate programming language: Anyone who writes in C++ or Java probably understands C well enough to convert it. And C, as you may already know, is the language of choice of those who develop and support the Linux OS, and most of its subsystem support software.

All of what you'll find here has proven its worth. Much of what you'll find here was developed in support of the development of other, more complex systems. This is experimental software in the sense that we encourage you to understand and experiment with the source code, and to customize it toward your own purposes.

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